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At K-Link, we ensure that the services we provide you with include the best products, user guides and support.

We built our business by experiencing your industry by heart. Such knowledge enables us to provide you with the right partners and services to help you make the most of your restaurant with our POS solutions, installation and set-up, training, financial services and 24/7 support.

POS For Your Successful Business

Restaurant POS

Retail POS

Retail POS systems are designed to adapt to the ever-changing retail industry. Easily scale and expand functionality in response to evolving trends, technology or consumer behaviors. Our POS systems are supported by an array of products and value-added services from Heartland that cover your entire retail ecosystem...

Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS systems have helped business owners find new ways to operate more efficiently and increase profitability. Manage your menu, inventory, schedules, pricing, and kitchen workflow with our comprehensive restaurant POS systems designed with your business’ needs in mind...

Inventory tracking

Managing inventory accurately and cost-effectively has a direct impact on overall business success.

Customer Management

You can access customer information anytime and gauge who among them are your most valuable customers.

Employee Management

Manage your employee's time and optimize productivity by keeping track of when and what your employees are working on.

Sales reporting and analytics

POS Reports provide the most vital data on sales, costs, inventory, and more.

Mobile access

Cloud platforms allow you to access your sales data anytime from any location using web-connected mobile devices, giving you and your business flexibility.

Centralized Multichannel Sales

The POS system must be capable of connecting your in-store and online sales activity in one convenient, centralized system.

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