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Restaurant Pro Express

Restaurant’s must always have a desire to increase their profitability and effectiveness.
At K-Link we can achieve such through Restaurant Pro Express to manage staff, track orders more than a simple turn-key solution!

Restaurant Pro Express

Restaurant Pro Express Features

Fast and Simple Order Entry

Specially designed to increase efficiency of the daily operations in your restaurant.

Process Credit, Debit, and Gift Cards Including Tips

It offers integrated transaction processing for credit, debit, and gift cards including tips.

Table Management

Integrated table management allows you to view the status of every table in your restaurant from any terminal.

Kitchen Order Printing/Kitchen Display

Print orders to a kitchen printer or display them on a kitchen monitor.

Inventory and Ingredient Tracking

RPE includes an integrated, robust inventory and ingredient tracking module enabling restaurateurs to track inventory levels and reduce or eliminate spoilage, waste, theft and stock discrepancies.

Customer Management

Solid marketing and loyalty reward programs are proven methods for attracting new and repeat customers into your restaurant.

Detailed Business Reporting

RPE provides the most useful reports for restaurateurs. These reports summarize overall costs, labor cost percentages, revenue, profits and performance, number of customers and the average transaction amount.

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