Major Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers

Since most businesses are handing out POS receipt printers (about 250 billion of them a year, according to, why not make the most of it?   There are ways to communicate on a receipt that are better than others – some receipts can amuse, some receipts can engage, some receipts can stimulate more purchases. 


Notice how the POS receipt instantly communicates who the vendor was. The company is easily identifiable, even for someone who needs reading glasses. You could not do that with a receipt that only had the address in text format.   So, now that you realize the value, how hard is it to add a logo to the top of a receipt?  Methods for adding a logo vary by printer and manufacturer. 

receipt printer


Links to some major receipt printers  manufacturers are listed here – be sure to look up your exact model for instructions.  Epson    Star    Seiko    Citizen   Brother

We provide you the above mentioned major receipt printers. 


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