Electronic Point Of Sale

Electronic Point Of Sale

electronic point of sale

point of sale

Do you have business or shop for selling products? Have you got tired of keeping all related items in your mind like price, quantity remaining, number of items? While selling items, do you got confused estimating store products or printing receipts or Is you customers waiting in queue for getting their product bill?
Now, KLINK POS have solutions for all these types of problems. Get our electronic point of sale for your business or shops which helps you to access or print product information without delaying in time. We have following products for your store
Touch Screen Monitors – Now show to others and get your customers attracted on you. Just touch and add product details like price, tag, quantity, self estimation cost etc without making your customer wait for long.

Barcode Scanners – Just scan, within microsecond, your product is ready on your monitor, when you scanned customer product, its automatically add its name, size or weight, price, all you have to do is just use barcode scanner and scan product barcode.

Receipt Printers – Scanned your printer. now, all you have to add just quantity of product your customer want, it automatically add your price. Give command for print and customer bill is ready.

Attract your customers to your store and get more business with our POS software’s and hardware’s. All you have to do just relax and sit, move your fingers and get customer bill on your desk without being getting late.

You can get all above products at single wholesale price. So, why waiting, get your product sold and increase your productivity.

For more details visit us at http://klinkpos.com